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dazed stunned with shock or disbelief. [2 definitions]
dazzle to dim or confuse the vision of, by blinding light. [6 definitions]
dazzling having great billiance; extremely shiny or sparkly. [3 definitions]
dB abbreviation of "decibel," or "decibels," a unit indicating the level of loudness of sound, relative to a standard level, or indicating relative differences in power levels of electrical signals, equal to ten times the common logarithm of the ratio of the two levels.
dbl. abbreviation of "double."
DC abbreviation of "direct current," an electric current that flows in one direction. (Cf. "AC.")
D.C.2 abbreviation of "District of Columbia," a federal area on the Maryland side of the Potomac River that encompasses only the U.S. capital city of Washington (often used informally to refer to the city.)
D.C.1 abbreviation of "da capo," from the beginning (used in music as a direction to repeat a passage).
D.D. abbreviation of "Doctor of Divinity."
D-day the day, kept secret, on which a military attack or other important action is scheduled to take place. [2 definitions]
DDR abbreviation of "Deutsche Demokratische Republik;" German Democratic Republic; formerly, East Germany.
D.D.S. abbreviation of "Doctor of Dental Surgery."
DDT a powerful pesticide, insoluble in water, currently restricted in the United States because of adverse effects on the environment; dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane.
DE abbreviation of "Delaware," an eastern U.S. state between Maryland and New Jersey.
de- away from; from; off. [4 definitions]
deacon in certain Christian churches, a clergyman just below a priest in rank. [3 definitions]
deaconess in certain Protestant churches, a woman selected to assist the ministry, esp. in social services.
deactivate to make inactive or inoperative. [2 definitions]
dead lacking normal life functions; not alive. [16 definitions]
dead as a doornail definitely dead, or beyond hope of revitalizing.
deadbeat (informal) one who avoids paying debts or expenses.