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debark1 to put or go ashore, as from a ship; disembark.
debark2 to take the bark off of (a log).
debase to reduce in value, quality, esteem, or character.
debatable open to debate or argument; doubtful.
debate a discussion of two opposing viewpoints, usu. in a formal meeting or assembly. [7 definitions]
debauch to lead or seduce into immorality or intemperance; corrupt. [3 definitions]
debauchee one who excessively indulges in sensual pleasures.
debauchery excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures, esp. of a sexual nature, or an instance of this.
debenture a corporate or government bond that pays fixed interest and that is backed by the issuer's credit status. [2 definitions]
debilitate to make feeble; weaken.
debility a state of unusual physical weakness, esp. as the result of disease.
debit an amount of money removed from or owed on an account, or the record of that amount. [5 definitions]
debit card a card issued by the holder's bank used to pay for purchases or withdraw money by an immediate electronic debiting of funds on deposit in the holder's bank account, and often also allowing transactions at an ATM machine.
debonair having or marked by a charming and carefree but polite manner; suave.
debouch to advance out of a confined or narrow space such as a canyon into open country. [4 definitions]
debrief to question (an astronaut, soldier, or the like) in order to obtain any information gathered during a mission.
debris scattered fragments, as after an act of destruction; ruins; rubble. [2 definitions]
debt something owed to another, such as money or services. [3 definitions]
debtless combined form of debt.
debt of honor a debt incurred in gambling.
debtor one who owes a debt to another.