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debtor one who owes a debt to another.
debug (informal) to eliminate errors or malfunctioning parts in, esp. computer programs and computers or other complex electronic systems. [3 definitions]
debunk to expose or ridicule the falseness or exaggerations of (a claim, theory, or the like).
debut a person's first public appearance, as on stage or in concert. [5 definitions]
debutante a girl being formally presented to society.
Dec. abbreviation of "December," the twelfth month of the Gregorian calendar year, having thirty-one days.
deca- ten.
decadal relating to the number ten or pertaining to a decade.
decade a unit of time equal to ten years. [2 definitions]
decadence a decline into immorality; loss of moral values. [3 definitions]
decadent characterized by a fall into an inferior state; decaying; degenerate. [3 definitions]
decaffeinated having had the natural caffeine removed; having little or no caffeine.
decagon in geometry, a ten-sided plane figure.
decagram a unit of weight equal to ten grams or 0.353 ounce.
decahedron in geometry, a ten-faced solid figure.
decal a design or picture transferred or made to be transferred from specially prepared paper to glass, metal, wood, or the like.
decalcify to remove calcium or its compounds from (a bone or the like).
decalcomania the process of making decals.
decaliter a unit of capacity equal to ten liters or 2.642 gallons.
Decalogue the Ten Commandments.
decameter a unit of length equal to ten meters or 32.808 feet.