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denature to change or remove the natural characteristics or properties of. [3 definitions]
dendrite a crystalline mineral deposit that appears in another mineral or stone in a branching, treelike form. [2 definitions]
dendritic resembling or having dendrites.
dendro- tree.
dendrology the scientific study of trees and shrubs.
-dendron tree or shrub.
Deneb the brightest star in the constellation Cygnus, having a magnitude of 1.2.
dengue an infectious tropical fever causing a rash and severe pains in the joints.
deniable capable of being denied.
denial a statement or assertion of the falsehood of something. [5 definitions]
denier1 one who denies.
denier2 a unit of weight, indicating the fineness of yarns such as silk, rayon, or nylon, equal to one gram per 9000 meters of yarn. [2 definitions]
denigrate to deny the worth of; sneer at; belittle. [2 definitions]
denim a sturdy, twilled, usu. cotton cloth used in clothing. [3 definitions]
denitrify to change (nitrates) into free nitrogen and other compounds, as by bacterial action.
denizen an animal, plant, or person living in or frequenting a particular place or area.
Denmark a Scandinavian country comprising a peninsula and nearby islands, bordered by Germany and the North Sea.
denominate to name specifically; denote or designate. [2 definitions]
denomination the act of designating or assigning a classifying name. [4 definitions]
denominational of, relating to, or controlled by a religious denomination; sectarian.
denominative naming or forming a name. [3 definitions]