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deprived lacking or prevented from having that which is needed, especially such things as food, shelter, education, protection, and affection.
de profundis (Latin) out of the depths (used to express great sorrow or misery).
deprogram to convince of the error of recently acquired beliefs, esp. those of a religious cult, by coercive means such as kidnapping, deprivation of sleep, and long interrogation and argumentation.
dept. abbreviation of "department," a subdivision of a larger organization or system, such as a government or business.
depth the state of being deep. [8 definitions]
depth charge a device set to explode under water, used esp. against submarines.
depthless combined form of depth.
depth perception the ability to perceive spatial relationships such as the relative distance of objects from one another or from the observer.
depth psychology the psychological study of the unconscious mind.
deputation the act or process of choosing one or several people to act on behalf of another person, group, or other entity such as a government. [2 definitions]
depute to choose as a representative or representatives. [2 definitions]
deputize to authorize to act as an assistant or representative.
deputy someone authorized to be a substitute or assistant. [3 definitions]
deracinate to pull up by or as if by the roots; uproot; isolate; exile.
derail to cause to go off the tracks. [3 definitions]
derailleur a device on some bicycles that moves the chain onto various gears in order to allow easier or more difficult pedaling.
derange to cause to be mentally ill. [3 definitions]
deranged mentally ill; insane.
derby any of numerous horse races run every year and often restricted to three-year-old horses. [3 definitions]
derecho a severe and destructive weather event in which an expansive windstorm moves rapidly across a large area in a relatively straight line, generally accompanied by intense thunderstorms.
deregulate to abolish regulations governing (something); decontrol.