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desquamate to peel or scale, as the skin in certain pathological conditions.
dessert a sweet or fruit served as the last course of a meal.
dessertspoon a spoon that is between a tablespoon and a teaspoon in size and is used for eating dessert. [2 definitions]
destabilize to upset the equilibrium of (esp. a government or other organization); unbalance, often with intent to topple.
destination the planned end of a journey, or the place to which goods or baggage are sent. [2 definitions]
destine to specify for or send toward a particular place, end, or purpose. [2 definitions]
destiny that which has happened or must happen to someone or something because of fate or luck. [3 definitions]
destitute having no money or other means of living; impoverished. [2 definitions]
destitution utter poverty, or the extreme want of the necessities of life. [2 definitions]
destroy to damage beyond repair; ruin. [5 definitions]
destroyer someone or something that destroys. [2 definitions]
destroying angel any of several poisonous white mushrooms that grow in damp woodlands in warm weather.
destruct for the purpose of destroying. [3 definitions]
destructible able to be destroyed.
destruction the act of destroying. [3 definitions]
destructive causing chaos or destruction. [2 definitions]
destructive distillation the heating of a substance such as wood or coal with minimal exposure to air, to produce useful byproducts.
desuetude the state of a thing, practice, or custom that has ceased to be used or followed; disuse.
desulfurize to extract or remove the sulfur from.
desultory disordered, disconnected, or unmethodical; aimless. [2 definitions]
detach to separate from some whole. [2 definitions]