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detainee one who is held in police custody, usu. for questioning or political reasons, without formal charges being filed.
detassel to remove the tassel from (corn) to facilitate cross-pollination in the production of hybrids.
detect to perceive, discover, or uncover. [2 definitions]
detectable able to be discovered or perceived.
detectaphone a device used to eavesdrop on phone conversations.
detection the act of detecting or investigating. [2 definitions]
detective a person, often a police officer, who conducts investigations.
detective story a fictional account of how a crime, usu. a murder, is solved by an amateur or professional detective.
detector something or someone that detects. [2 definitions]
detent a mechanical part that temporarily stops the motion of another, such as a catch that controls a clock's striking mechanism; pawl.
détente a diminishing of tension, as between hostile nations.
detention the act or process of delaying or imprisoning, or the condition of being so held. [3 definitions]
detention home a place where juvenile offenders are held in custody, esp. while awaiting a court's disposition of their cases.
deter to stop or discourage from some action by arousing doubt or fear. [2 definitions]
deterge to cleanse, wash, or wipe off.
detergent having the capacity to cleanse. [2 definitions]
deteriorate to decline or become inferior in value or quality; debase. [4 definitions]
determinacy the state of being determinate or determined.
determinant that which is a factor in determining an outcome.
determinate determined by limits or boundaries. [3 definitions]
determination the quality of being determined or resolute. [5 definitions]