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dimorphism the existence of two forms of a species that differ in morphology as, for example, in sexual dimorphism of birds. [3 definitions]
dim-out the dimming or restricted use of light at night, as in a city or on a ship in order to be less visible to enemy aircraft.
dimple a small natural hollow in the skin, esp. one that forms in the cheeks during a smile. [4 definitions]
dim sum any of various Chinese dishes served in appetizer portions, esp. small dumplings filled with minced vegetables, meat, or seafood and steamed or fried, or a variety of such dishes served together.
dimwitted (informal) stupid or slow-thinking.
din noise, esp. loud, confused, or dissonant noise. [4 definitions]
dinar the chief monetary unit of Algeria, equaling one hundred centimes. [8 definitions]
dine to eat a meal, especially the evening meal or an elegant one as part of a social occasion. [3 definitions]
dine out to eat dinner away from one's home.
diner one who eats a meal. [3 definitions]
dinette a small section of a room, esp. of a kitchen, that is used as an informal dining area; breakfast nook. [2 definitions]
ding to ring or make a sound like that of a bell. [2 definitions]
ding-a-ling (informal) a person who is considered stupid, slow-witted, or foolish.
dingbat (informal) a silly or foolish person.
ding-dong the sound of the repeated strokes of a bell. [2 definitions]
dinghy a small boat used to tend a larger one, usu. as a lifeboat or for short trips to shore and back. [2 definitions]
dingo an Australian species of wild dog.
dingus (informal) an object whose name is forgotten or unknown; thingamajig.
dingy dirty or unkempt, as clothing or a living place; grimy. [2 definitions]
dining the activity of eating a meal, esp. the evening meal or an elegant one.
dining car a railroad car in which meals are served to passengers.