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diplomatic immunity exemption from local laws, granted to diplomatic personnel and their dependents while in a foreign country.
diplopia a vision disorder in which two images of the same object are seen, also called double vision.
dipole a pair of electric charges or magnetic poles that are of equal magnitude but opposite polarity. [3 definitions]
dipole antenna a radio or television antenna consisting of two equal rods that extend outward in opposite directions.
dipper someone or something that dips. [4 definitions]
dippy (slang) foolish or eccentric.
dipsomania an uncontrollable, usu. periodic craving for alcoholic drink.
dipstick a rod with graduated markings used to measure the depth of a liquid, such as oil in an automobile crankcase.
dipteran of or pertaining to a two-winged insect; dipterous. [2 definitions]
dipterous of or pertaining to a dipteran. [2 definitions]
diptych an ancient writing tablet consisting of two wooden or ivory leaves that are hinged together. [2 definitions]
dire causing, likely to cause, or involving terror or suffering. [3 definitions]
direct to give instructions that lead or guide. [14 definitions]
direct action a form of non-violent political action using immediately available means of communication, disruption, and confrontation, such as picketing, boycotts, demonstrations, and roadblocks.
direct current an electric current that flows in one direction. (Cf. alternating current.)
direct deposit a way of getting paid so that the money goes straight into your bank account. You receive a notice of deposit instead of a pay check.
direction the act or an instance of directing. [7 definitions]
directional of, relating to, or indicating a specific direction. [3 definitions]
directional signal any of the lights on a motor vehicle that flash to indicate that the vehicle is about to turn and to show the direction in which it will turn. Directional signals are located on both the front and rear of the vehicle and are activated by the driver; turn signal.
direction finder a device for ascertaining the direction of incoming radio waves or signals, consisting of a loop antenna that rotates.
directionless lacking a clear direction, goal, or purpose.