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doped-up heavily under the influence of drugs.
dopesheet a bulletin containing information on the horses and riders in one day's races at a track; racing form. [2 definitions]
dopester (informal) one who makes analyses and predictions, as of the outcome of an athletic or political contest.
dopey (informal) sleepy, sluggish, or dazed from or as if from the use of alcohol or drugs. [2 definitions]
doppelgänger the supposed ghostly twin of a living person, esp. one that haunts a real person.
Doppler effect the apparent shift in frequency of waves, as of sound or light, if the source and receptor are in motion relative to each other. The frequency appears to become greater if they move closer and become less if they move apart.
d'or (French) of gold.
Doric of, pertaining to, designating, or characteristic of the earliest and simplest order of classical Greek architecture, later adapted by the Romans, esp. its typical fluted columns with simple capitals. [3 definitions]
d'or, in a field azure (combined French and English) of gold, on a blue background.
dork (slang) an insulting term for a person, often a male, considered unstylish or socially-backward in dress, manner, or interests. [2 definitions]
dorky (slang) unstylish or socially-backward in dress, manner, or interests; not cool.
dorm (informal) dormitory.
dormant asleep or seemingly asleep; sluggish. [5 definitions]
dormer a window set vertically into a projecting structure on a sloping roof; dormer window. [2 definitions]
dormitory a residential hall, esp. at a college. [2 definitions]
dormouse any of various small European rodents that have furry tails and resemble squirrels in habits and appearance.
Dorothea Dix U.S. social activist, reformer, and Union army Superintendent of Women Nurses, who worked to improve prison conditions and to provide asylums for the mentally ill (b.1802--d.1887).
dorsal of, upon, near, or related to the back, as an organ or part of an animal. (Cf. ventral.) [2 definitions]
dorsiflexion flexion that moves a body part in the dorsal (upward) direction.
dorsum the back part of an animal. [2 definitions]
dory1 a small, narrow, flat-bottomed boat that has high flaring sides and a sharply pointed prow.