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downplay to dismiss the significance of; minimize.
downpour a very heavy rain.
downrange in the direction of the point taken as target, away from the launch site, on a missile test range.
downright absolute. [3 definitions]
downshift to shift a motor vehicle's transmission into a lower gear.
downside the lower or under side of something. [2 definitions]
downsize to design and manufacture a smaller version of (a popular product, esp. a car). [3 definitions]
downspout a vertical drainpipe that carries rainwater or melted snow from a roof or gutter to the ground.
Down's syndrome a congenital condition caused by an abnormal number of chromosomes which results in mental retardation and produces distinctive physical characteristics such as a broad face, flattened head, and slanted eyes.
downstage at or toward the front portion of a stage. [3 definitions]
downstairs at, to, or on a lower floor. [3 definitions]
downstate the southern part of any U.S. state. (Cf. upstate.) [2 definitions]
downstream in the direction that a stream or current is flowing. [3 definitions]
downswing a swing in a downward direction, as of a golf club. [2 definitions]
down the drain to no good purpose; wasted.
downtime a period of time during which a computer, factory, or the like is inactive, usu. to allow for repairs or the like.
down-to-earth practical, straightforward, sensible, and realistic.
downtown at, to, or toward the lower part or the business area of a town or city. [3 definitions]
downtrodden oppressed by those in positions of power; tyrannized over; crushed.
downturn a turn or tendency downward, as in business or the economy; decline.
down under (informal) Australia or New Zealand.