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drawing the act of making pictures or designs with a writing instrument such as a pencil. [3 definitions]
drawing board a large, smooth, rectangular board on which paper or canvas is mounted before being drawn upon.
drawing card something or someone, such as a well-known entertainer, that attracts a large audience, patronage, or the like.
drawing room a formal reception room; parlor. [2 definitions]
drawknife a knife that can be drawn, by means of handles at both ends of the blade, toward the user to shave a surface.
drawl to pronounce or speak slowly, esp. with vowel sounds greatly lengthened. [2 definitions]
drawn past participle of draw. [2 definitions]
drawn butter butter melted, clarified, and often seasoned or thickened for use as a sauce.
drawn work ornamentation of fabric produced by drawing out threads and creating a lacy effect.
draw out to prolong. [2 definitions]
draw poker a version of poker in which players may discard and draw replacements for a specified maximum number of cards in their original hands after initial bets are made.
draw straws to choose one person from several by having each choose a partly concealed straw, with the shortest straw indicating the chosen person.
drawstring a cord or the like that is drawn through a sewn channel in fabric and pulled so as to tighten or close an opening, as of pants, a bag, or the like.
draw the line to set a limit on what is allowed.
draw up to draft; formulate. [2 definitions]
dray a low but sturdy cart with removable sides that is used for moving bulky or heavy objects. [3 definitions]
drayage conveyance by dray, or the charge for it.
drayman a dray driver.
dread to be very afraid of or deeply apprehensive about. [7 definitions]
dreadful producing great fear, horror, or awe; dread. [2 definitions]
dreadlocks a hairstyle, originally worn by Rastafarians, in which the hair is worn in many long, twisted strands.