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duxelles a mixture of finely chopped mushrooms, shallots, and seasonings sautéed until all liquid has evaporated and used esp. in sauces and stuffings.
DVD abbreviation of "digital video disc" or, subsequently, "digital versatile disc."
D.V.M. abbreviation of "Doctor of Veterinary Medicine."
dwarf (often considered offensive) a much smaller than average person due to a medical condition, esp. if proportioned so that the person's legs are shorter than his or her torso. [7 definitions]
dwarfism a state or condition of stunted growth.
dwarf star a star of relatively small size and low mass and luminosity. (See white dwarf.)
dweeb (slang) a wimp; nerd; despised person.
dwell to live or stay as a resident; reside. [3 definitions]
dwelling a shelter used for long-term residence; abode; house.
dwelt a past tense and past participle of dwell.
DWI abbreviation of "driving while intoxicated."
dwindle to become or cause to become gradually smaller or less until almost nothing remains; diminish; shrink.
Dy symbol of the chemical element dysprosium.
Dyak variant of Dayak.
dybbuk in Jewish folklore, the soul of a dead person that enters the body of a living person and controls his or her actions.
dye a liquid used to impart color, as to fabrics, or the substance, usu. a powder, from which the liquid is made. [5 definitions]
dyeable combined form of dye.
dyed-in-the-wool complete; utter. [2 definitions]
dyed in the wool confirmed or firmly established.
dyeing the process or art of using dye to color fabric.
dyer's woad a yellow-flowered biennial plant whose leaves yield a blue dye.