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Easter lily any of various white-flowered lilies that are artificially brought into bloom for Easter Sunday, used esp. to decorate the altars of Christian churches on Easter.
easterly of, relating to, or toward the east. [3 definitions]
eastern situated in, directed towards, coming from, or relating to the east. [2 definitions]
Eastern Church any or all of the Christian churches originating in the Eastern Roman Empire. [2 definitions]
easterner (often cap.) a native or inhabitant of an eastern area or region.
Eastern Hemisphere the half of the earth that contains Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.
easternize to spread eastern customs, traditions, or values to.
easternmost farthest east.
Eastern Orthodox Church the modern group of Christian churches, such as the Russian and Greek Orthodox, that originated in the Eastern Roman Empire.
Eastern Roman Empire the eastern division of the Roman Empire, comprising the Turkish peninsula and part of southeastern Europe, esp. from 395 to 476 A.D., after which it is called the Byzantine Empire. (Cf. Western Roman Empire.)
Eastern Standard Time the standard time used in the eastern region of the United States, five hours behind Greenwich time.
Easter rabbit see "Easter bunny."
Eastertide the season of or period following Easter.
East Germany formerly, a European country between West Germany and Poland, in 1990 reunited with West Germany; German Democratic Republic.
East India Company see "British East India Company." [2 definitions]
East Indies the Malay Archipelago, esp. Indonesia; East India.
east-northeast a point on the compass halfway between east and northeast. [2 definitions]
east-southeast a point on the compass halfway between east and southeast. [2 definitions]
East Timor a country in Southeast Asia that consists mainly of the eastern part of the island of Timor, which it shares with the nation of Indonesia.
eastward toward the east. [3 definitions]
eastwardly toward the east. [2 definitions]