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ecliptic the apparent path of the sun, as seen from the earth against the background stars. [3 definitions]
eclogue a poem, usu. in dialogue form, about the charms of country life.
eco- habitat; environment; household.
ecocide the destruction of the environment or of ecological systems by indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources, dumping of chemical wastes, the use of defoliants and pollutants, and the like.
eco-friendly designed to cause minimal damage to the environment.
E. coli a species of bacteria, present in the intestines of all vertebrates, that is widely used in biological research.
ecological of or pertaining to ecology.
ecology the scientific study of the relationships between living things and their environments. [2 definitions]
e-commerce the exchange of goods and services conducted on the Internet; electronic commerce.
econometrics (used with a sing. verb) the application of mathematical and statistical methods to research in economics.
economic of or pertaining to the production and distribution of goods, wealth, and services. [3 definitions]
economical wasting little; thrifty; frugal.
economically in an economical manner. [2 definitions]
economics (used with a sing. verb) the systematic study of the production and distribution of goods and services. [2 definitions]
economist a person who has expertise in the study of economics.
economize to practice thrift; avoid wasteful expenditure; be economical. [2 definitions]
economy the careful management of wealth, resources, and means of production. [5 definitions]
ecosystem a community of living things that interact with each other for their survival, together with their surrounding environment.
ecotourism recreational travel to areas of natural or ecological interest carried out in a manner that respects the visited environment.
ecru a pale yellowish or grayish tan color.
ecstasy an emotional state of intense pleasure or joy. [2 definitions]