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eddy a small current of water, air, fog, dust, or the like that moves contrary to the main current, esp. rotating like a whirlpool. [2 definitions]
edelweiss a small plant of the Alps, having whitish woolly leaves and bearing white flowers.
edema an abnormal accumulation of watery fluid in tissues or cavities of the body.
Eden according to the Old Testament, the garden in which Adam and Eve, the first humans, lived in a state of perfection; Garden of Eden; paradise. [2 definitions]
edentate having no teeth; toothless. [3 definitions]
edentulous without teeth; toothless.
edge a line where two surfaces converge. [10 definitions]
edgeless combined form of edge.
edge out to force out, defeat, or overcome by a small margin.
edge tool a tool that has a cutting edge, such as a chisel.
edgewise with the edge forward or outward. [2 definitions]
edging something that constitutes, or is placed along, an edge or border to protect, decorate, or define it.
edgy irritably nervous or impatient; on edge.
edible suitable or safe to be eaten as food. [2 definitions]
edict an order or decree proclaimed by a ruler or other of high authority.
edifice a building, esp. a large or impressive structure. [2 definitions]
edify to enlighten or inform so as to uplift morally, intellectually, or spiritually.
Edinburgh the capital of Scotland.
edit to supervise the preparation of (material) for publication. [4 definitions]
editable combined form of edit.
edition one of a series of printings of the same published work, differing from others in being printed from a distinct typesetting. [3 definitions]