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elevated railway a railway that is elevated on a framework, permitting ground traffic to circulate beneath it.
elevation the height to which something rises or is raised, or its height above sea level or ground level. [4 definitions]
elevator a machine which raises or lifts, esp. a platform or enclosure in a vertical shaft, with its equipment and parts, used to raise and lower people or goods from one level to another in a building. [3 definitions]
eleven the number represented by the Arabic numeral 11 and by the Roman numeral XI. [3 definitions]
eleventh indicating rank or position between tenth and twelfth. [3 definitions]
ELF abbreviation of "extremely low frequency."
elf an imaginary, small, and often mischievous humanlike creature that has magical powers, or a person, usu. a child, resembling this creature in size and sprightliness.
elfin of, like, or resembling an elf. [2 definitions]
elfish like, or of the nature of, an elf; mischievous; impish.
elflock a lock of hair that is tangled, as if by elves.
elicit to draw or bring out. [2 definitions]
elide to leave out or slur, as a syllable or letter, in pronunciation. [2 definitions]
eligibility the state or condition of being eligible, as for office, membership, marriage, or participation in some activity.
eligible qualified for a benefit, privilege, or position, such as elective office. [2 definitions]
Elijah according to the Old Testament, a Hebrew prophet of the ninth century B.C.
eliminate to dispose of, remove, or destroy. [3 definitions]
elimination the act or process of eliminating; disposal; destruction; dismissal. [2 definitions]
elint the gathering of information by use of electronic devices located on ships, airplanes, satellites, or the like (acronym for "electronic intelligence").
elision the slurring over or omission of a letter or syllable in pronouncing a word. [2 definitions]
elite (usu. used with a pl. verb) the best, taken collectively. [4 definitions]
elitism rule, or support or advocacy of rule, by an elite. [2 definitions]