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Enceladus one of several moons of the planet Saturn, having more reflective brightness than any other body in the solar system.
encephalitis inflammation of the brain, caused by any of several infectious diseases.
encephalo- brain.
encephalogram an x-ray photograph of the spaces of the brain normally filled with cerebrospinal fluid, partially replaced for the procedure by air or dye.
encephalon the brain.
encephalopathy a disease of the brain, esp. a chronic degenerative disease.
enchain to bind or restrain with, or as though with, chains. [2 definitions]
enchant to put under a magic spell, or as if under a magic spell; bewitch. [2 definitions]
enchanter one who casts a magic spell; sorcerer; magician. [2 definitions]
enchanting charming, fascinating, or bewitching.
enchantment a magic incantation, charm, or spell, or an instance of casting such. [3 definitions]
enchantress a woman who can bewitch or work magic; sorceress. [2 definitions]
enchase to set with gems, or to put (gems) in an ornamental setting. [2 definitions]
enchilada a rolled and stuffed tortilla served with a chili sauce.
encina an evergreen oak of the southwestern United States that is often cultivated as a shade tree.
encipher to write (something) in code. (Cf. decipher.)
encircle to form a circle around; surround.
enclave a small territory or country mostly or completely surrounded by another. [2 definitions]
enclitic of or denoting an unstressed word that is usu. used only in combination or close connection with other words, as "'em" in "Let's get 'em." [2 definitions]
enclose to close in or shut in, as with walls or a container. [3 definitions]
enclosed contained within another thing, or surrounded on all sides.