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enfranchise to give the rights of a citizen to, esp. the right to vote. [2 definitions]
Eng. abbreviation of "England" or "English."
engagé committed and involved, esp. in support of an aim or cause.
engage to obtain or use the service of; employ. [11 definitions]
engaged busy; employed; involved. [4 definitions]
engagement the act of engaging or state of being engaged. [4 definitions]
engaging able to attract and hold one's interest; charming; pleasing; attractive.
en garde on guard (French); the opening position in fencing from which one must either attack or defend. [2 definitions]
engender to create or give rise to. [2 definitions]
engine a machine that derives force and motion from the conversion of energy, such as fuel or electricity, to work. [3 definitions]
engineer one who is trained in the use or design of machines or engines, or in other areas such as electrical or chemical technology. [5 definitions]
engineering the profession, art, or study of applying scientific and mathematical knowledge to practical ends, such as the design and building of structures, engines, electrical equipment, and the like. [2 definitions]
engine house a building in which large engines, such as fire engines or locomotives, are kept when not in use.
engineless combined form of engine.
England a division of the United Kingdom, comprising the southern and largest part of the island of Great Britain.
English of, pertaining to, or characteristic of England or its people, culture, or the like. [7 definitions]
English Channel an extension of the Atlantic between England and France.
English horn a double-reed woodwind instrument that resembles the oboe but is larger and lower in pitch.
English ivy see "ivy."
Englishman a man who is a native or citizen of England, or a male of English descent.
English muffin a small, round, flat yeast roll, often baked on a griddle, and usu. split and toasted before eating.