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ex1 in finance, without or excluding. [2 definitions]
ex2 (informal) a former spouse.
ex. abbreviation of "example," a particular instance or representative member of a class of things.
ex-1 out of; from. [3 definitions]
ex-2 variant of exo-.
exacerbate to increase the painfulness or severity of (illness, suffering, hard feelings, or the like); aggravate. [2 definitions]
exact fully precise, accurate, or correct. [4 definitions]
exactable combined form of exact.
exacting severe or strict in making demands. [2 definitions]
exaction the act of demanding or requiring time, money, or the like. [2 definitions]
exactitude the state or quality of being exact; precision.
exactly with absolute precision or accuracy. [3 definitions]
exaggerate to overstate (the size, value, importance, or other quality of a thing, person, or event). [3 definitions]
exaggerated overstated; excessive. [2 definitions]
exaggeration the act or an instance of exaggerating; overstatement.
exalt to raise in rank, power, dignity, or the like; elevate. [2 definitions]
exaltation the act of exalting or the state of being exalted. [2 definitions]
exalted raised in rank, power, or the like; elevated. [3 definitions]
exam (informal) an examination, such as an academic test or physical checkup.
examination the act or result of close inspection or thorough evaluation. [3 definitions]
examine to inspect or evaluate thoroughly. [4 definitions]