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excavate to make a hole or cavity in by digging or scooping out the interior portion. [5 definitions]
excavation the act or process of digging out. [2 definitions]
excavator someone or something that excavates, esp. a power-driven digging machine.
exceed to go beyond (what is required, expected, or considered reasonable). [3 definitions]
exceeding very great in degree or quantity; extraordinary.
exceedingly to a great or excessive degree; extremely.
excel to do or perform better than others; surpass others. [2 definitions]
excellence the fact or state of being extremely good or of high quality. [2 definitions]
excellency (usu. cap.) a title of honor of certain high officials such as ambassadors or archbishops. [2 definitions]
excellent of high quality; extremely good; superior.
excelsior shavings of wood, used esp. as a packing material.
except with the exclusion of; other than; but. [5 definitions]
excepting not including; except; excluding.
exception the act of leaving out. [4 definitions]
exceptionable likely to be objected to; objectionable.
exceptional uncommon, unusual, or out of the ordinary. [2 definitions]
excerpt a short passage taken from a written work, film, or the like. [2 definitions]
excess the state or an instance of going beyond what is required, expected, or considered reasonable. [5 definitions]
excessive more than is required, expected, or considered reasonable; extravagant or immoderate.
exchange to give or receive (one thing) for another; trade; swap. [7 definitions]
exchangeable combined form of exchange.