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explosive capable of causing a violent burst of energy. [3 definitions]
exponent one that expounds or interprets. [3 definitions]
exponential in mathematics, of or concerning an exponent, or having a variable in one or more exponents. [2 definitions]
export to send or transport abroad, usu. for sale or trade. [5 definitions]
exportable combined form of export.
exportation the act or practice of exporting, or that which is exported.
exposť the public exposure or revelation of something negative, such as personal secrets or illegal activities.
expose to uncover or reveal; lay bare. [7 definitions]
exposed having no protection or shelter. [3 definitions]
exposition a detailed statement intended to explain something, esp. something difficult. [3 definitions]
expositor one who explains, presents, or demonstrates.
expository designating nonfiction writing that explains and describes with the aim of conveying information or presenting certain opinions or points of view.
ex post facto done afterward, esp. with a retroactive effect, as the making of a law.
expostulate to argue earnestly with someone, usu. against an intended action; remonstrate.
exposure the act or process of exposing. [7 definitions]
expound to discuss or explain in detail (usu. fol. by "on" or "upon"). [2 definitions]
express to state or otherwise make known (ideas, thoughts, or feelings). [8 definitions]
expressage the business of carrying packages and other goods by express. [2 definitions]
expression the act, process, or result of making thoughts or feelings known, esp. in words. [5 definitions]
expressionism a movement in the arts of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries that emphasized the artist's subjective experience or perceptions, expressed through symbolic and often distorted or unconventional treatment of material.
expressionless combined form of expression.