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extinguisher one that extinguishes, esp. a fire extinguisher.
extirpate to get rid of completely, as if by pulling up the roots; root out. [3 definitions]
extol to speak of with high praise or enthusiasm.
extort to extract or obtain (money or the like) by force, threats, or abuse of authority.
extortion the act or an instance of coercing someone by force, threats, or abuse of authority to give something valuable, such as money, information, excessive interest, or the like. [2 definitions]
extortionist a person who commits or practices extortion.
extra more than is expected or usual. [7 definitions]
extra- beyond; outside.
extra-base hit in baseball, a double, triple, or home run.
extract to remove or take out by use of force. [9 definitions]
extractable combined form of extract.
extraction an act or instance of extracting, or the condition of being extracted. [3 definitions]
extracurricular outside the regular curriculum of a school, or outside of academic pursuits in a school. [2 definitions]
extradite to transfer (a fugitive) from one state or jurisdiction to another in which he or she is to be tried or imprisoned.
extradition the legal transfer of a fugitive from one state or jurisdiction to another where he or she is to be tried or imprisoned.
extrados the outside curve of an arch or a vault. (Cf. intrados.)
extragalactic outside or beyond the galaxy of the Milky Way.
extralegal not regulated or permitted by law; outside of legal authority.
extramarital of or pertaining to sexual relations between a married person and someone other than his or her spouse; adulterous.
extramundane being or occurring outside of the physical and material world or universe.
extramural pertaining to activities partially pursued at, or involving students at, another school. [2 definitions]