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fakir a wandering beggar of the Muslim or Hindu religion, esp. one who performs remarkable feats such as lying on a bed of nails.
falafel a deep-fried croquette or patty made of ground chickpeas, fava beans, and spices. [2 definitions]
Falange a fascist organization established in 1933 that became the only official political party of Spain under the dictatorship of Franco. [2 definitions]
falcate curved or hooked like a sickle.
falchion a short broad medieval sword with a slight curve in the blade near the point.
falcon any of several birds of prey, related to hawks, that hunt during the day and have long powerful wings and a hooked beak.
falconer a person who trains or uses hawks, esp. falcons, for hunting.
falconry the art of training and using falcons for hunting.
falderal variant of folderol.
fall to drop downward or to a lower position; descend. [19 definitions]
fallacious based on unsound logic; in error; illogical.
fallacy a false or misleading idea or notion, especially one that is commonly held. [3 definitions]
fall apart to break into pieces. [4 definitions]
fall asleep to begin the process of sleep.
fallback something to which one can resort in case of failure of one's first efforts. [2 definitions]
fall back on to turn to an alternative that is more certain, though not the preferred choice; resort to.
fall behind to not keep up with; lag behind.
fall down to fall to the ground.
fallen past participle of fall. [6 definitions]
fall for (informal) to accept as valid; be deceived by (something that is a trick or a lie). [2 definitions]
fall foul of to come into collision, conflict, or entanglement with.