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fastener something used to fasten, such as a clip, button, pin, latch, or the like.
fastening that which is used to fasten or secure, such as a hook or clasp.
fast-food offering foods for sale that are quickly available for eating or taking out.
fast food food from a restaurant that is made and eaten right away. Fast food is usually not expensive.
fastidious exceedingly particular or demanding esp. in matters of detail; exacting. [2 definitions]
fastigiate tapering vertically to a narrow point or spire, as some trees. [2 definitions]
fast lane the lane on a highway or expressway where vehicles maintain higher speeds or pass other vehicles. [2 definitions]
fastness a place that is secure against invasion or attack; stronghold. [3 definitions]
fast-paced unfolding or moving forward at a rapid pace. [3 definitions]
fast-talk to influence or persuade by speaking cleverly or deceptively, esp. so as to prevent objections or clear thinking.
fast track a racetrack most suitable for speed because of its condition. [3 definitions]
fat animal or plant substance that is composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, is greasy to the touch, and is white or yellowish in color. [10 definitions]
fatal causing or having the potential to cause death. [4 definitions]
fatalism resignation to or acceptance of fate. [2 definitions]
fatality a sudden or unexpected death. [4 definitions]
fatally in a manner causing death or destruction. [3 definitions]
fatback the fatty upper part of a side of pork, usu. dried and salted for use in cooking.
fat cat (slang) a wealthy, influential person, esp. one who donates heavily to political campaigns. [2 definitions]
fat chance slight or no chance.
fate the nonhuman force that is often believed to decide events in human life. [6 definitions]
fated decided by fate; predetermined.