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ferryboat a boat used to transport people, vehicles, or goods across a bay, river, or the like.
ferryman a person who operates or owns a ferry.
fertile producing or able to produce abundant growth of farm crops or other vegetation. [4 definitions]
fertility the quality or state of being fertile.
fertilization the act or process of fertilizing.
fertilize to cause the fertilization of. [3 definitions]
fertilizer an organic or inorganic substance added to soil to improve plant production or growth. [2 definitions]
ferule a rod, flat stick, or cane used for punishing children. [2 definitions]
fervent having or expressing warmth, depth, or intensity of feeling. [2 definitions]
fervid heated or impassioned; intensely enthusiastic; extremely fervent. [2 definitions]
fervor strength, heatedness, or intensity of feeling; impassioned enthusiasm. [2 definitions]
fescue any of several related grasses, commonly grown in lawns and pastures.
fess a broad horizontal band that forms the middle third of a heraldic shield.
-fest a gathering or celebration involving (such) activity.
festal of or suited to a feast, festival, or celebration.
fester to become filled with pus; become infected. [5 definitions]
festival a day or more of celebration to commemorate a notable occasion, such as a religious holiday. [4 definitions]
festive of, relating to, or suitable for a feast or celebration. [2 definitions]
festivity joyous celebration, or an occasion of feasting and celebration; festival. [3 definitions]
festoon a decorative chain or strip of ribbons, flowers, leaves, or the like, suspended at the ends and hung in a curve. [4 definitions]
Festschrift (sometimes l.c.) a publication of writings or essays done by friends, colleagues, or admirers as a tribute to a scholar.