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feud a deep, long-lasting hostility, esp. between families or other related groups, and sometimes with outbreaks of violence. [3 definitions]
feudal of, concerning, or similar to feudalism, in which a landholding lord granted land to vassals on condition of their serving him. [2 definitions]
feudalism a system of economic and political organization, as in Europe in the Middle Ages, in which landholding lords granted lands to vassals in return for service and homage.
feudatory a person who has been granted land under a feudal system, or the land he holds. [2 definitions]
fever an above-normal body temperature, usu. caused by illness. [4 definitions]
fever blister a blister on the face or lips often accompanying a cold or fever; cold sore.
feverfew a fragrant perennial plant that bears clusters of small, white flowers with yellow centers, formerly used to treat fever.
feverish having, or appearing to have, a fever. [2 definitions]
few consisting of only a small number. [3 definitions]
few and far between seldom seen; not often happening; infrequent.
fewer comparative of "few." [3 definitions]
fey having an unusual, otherworldly charm or appeal; elfin. [3 definitions]
fey Scot a Scotsman who is doomed or fated to die; used in reference to the character of Macbeth in Shakespeare's play.
fez a man's felt cap, shaped like a flat-topped cone and usu. red with a black tassel, worn esp. in Middle Eastern countries.
ff. abbreviation of "and the following."
FHA abbreviation of "Federal Housing Administration."
fiancé a man who is engaged to be married.
fiancée a woman who is engaged to be married.
fiasco an utter and shameful failure.
fiat an authoritative, often arbitrary, decree or order.
fiat currency paper currency that is dependent for its value on a government fiat or decree, and cannot be exchanged for gold or silver.