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fidelity loyalty or faithfulness to obligations, promises, or those to whom one has made a commitment. [3 definitions]
fidget to move one's body nervously and restlessly. [4 definitions]
fiduciary a person who is legally entrusted with the assets or powers of another, to be used in the other's best interest; trustee; agent. [3 definitions]
fie an expression of disapproval or distaste, often used jokingly.
fief a landholding granted by a lord to a vassal in a feudal system.
fiefdom the domain of a lord under the system of feudalism. [2 definitions]
field an expanse of open and usu. grassy ground, or such an expanse used for growing crops. [11 definitions]
field artillery light mobile artillery that can accompany troops in the field.
field corn any of several varieties of corn grown as livestock feed.
field day a day set aside for such activities as games and athletic contests. [2 definitions]
fielder in baseball or cricket, a player in the field.
fielder's choice in baseball, a fielder's decision, on a batted ground ball, to put out a base runner instead of the batter.
field event an event at a track meet that is not held on the running track, such as throwing or jumping.
field glass (usu. pl.) a compact, portable binocular telescope used esp. outdoors.
field goal in football, a score worth three points, made by kicking the ball through the opponent's goalposts. [2 definitions]
field gun a mounted mobile cannon.
field hand a hired farm laborer, esp. one who works in the fields; hired hand.
field hockey a form of hockey that is played with a small ball on a field, rather than with a puck on ice.
field hospital a hospital-like facility set up for emergency treatment of soldiers near the fighting zone.
field house a large building, usu. located at a college or university, suitable for indoor athletic activities, esp. track events, basketball, or gymnastics. [2 definitions]
field magnet a magnet used to produce and maintain a magnetic field in an electrical device such as a motor, generator, or particle accelerator.