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firearm a small weapon, such as a pistol or rifle, from which a shot is fired using exploding gunpowder.
fireball any very hot, luminous spherical object, esp. an extremely bright meteor. [4 definitions]
fireboat a power boat equipped to fight fires on ships, in harbors, and the like.
firebomb a bomb designed to start a fire; incendiary bomb. [2 definitions]
firebox the portion of a stove or furnace in which the fuel is burned. [2 definitions]
firebrand a piece of burning wood. [3 definitions]
firebreak a piece of land that has been cleared of vegetation and other combustible objects in order to contain a fire. [2 definitions]
firebrick a heat-resistant brick, esp. one used in the construction of a furnace, oven, or the like.
fire brigade (chiefly British) an organization that works to prevent and put out fires; fire department.
firebug (informal) someone who purposely starts fires to destroy property; arsonist; pyromaniac.
fire clay a heat-resistant clay used in furnace linings, crucibles, fire bricks, and the like.
firecracker a small paper cylinder filled with gunpowder, used as a noisemaker, esp. during celebrations.
firedamp an extremely explosive gas found in coal mines and composed primarily of methane.
fire department a department of a city or town government that works to prevent and put out fires, or the persons employed in it.
firedog an andiron.
fire door an interior door of heat-resistant material that is designed to contain the spread of a fire in a building.
fire drill a practice exercise covering what to do in case of a fire, either in combating the fire or in escaping from it.
fire-eater a performer, as in a circus, who pretends to swallow fire. [2 definitions]
fire engine a motor truck that carries firefighting equipment and personnel to the scene of a fire and usu. has a pump for spraying water or chemicals.
fire escape a fireproof stairway, ladder, or the like, usu. on the outside of a building, used as an emergency exit in case of fire.
fire extinguisher a portable device containing chemicals that can be sprayed on a fire to extinguish it.