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fishing tackle various equipment such as rods, line, reels, lures, and hooks used in fishing.
fish joint the joint between two timbers, beams, or rails that are bolted together lengthwise or end to end, usu. by a fishplate or fishplates.
fish ladder a series of pools at gradually increasing heights that allows fish, such as salmon, to swim upstream around a dam or other obstruction.
fishless combined form of fish.
fish meal meal made of dried ground fish or fish parts, used in animal feed and as fertilizer.
fishmonger one who sells fish for consumption.
fish out of water someone in an unsuitable environment or unaccustomed situation.
fishplate a flat metal or wooden plate used to bolt together the abutting ends of timbers, beams, railroad rails, and the like.
fish story (informal) an exaggerated or fanciful account, as of the huge fish that escaped.
fishwife a loud, vulgar, scolding woman. [2 definitions]
fishy similar to a fish, esp. in taste or smell. [3 definitions]
fissile able to be split or divided. [2 definitions]
fission the act or process or an instance of breaking apart. [3 definitions]
fissionable combined form of fission.
fissure a narrow crevice or other opening, esp. one caused by splitting. [3 definitions]
fist the hand when the fingers are curled tightly into the palm. [3 definitions]
fistfight an act or instance of fighting with bare fists. [2 definitions]
fistful what can be held in the hand; handful.
fistic of or pertaining to boxing or fighting with the fists; pugilistic.
fisticuffs a fight with the fists. [2 definitions]
fistula a canal or passage created as a result of a wound, abscess, or the like that opens on the surface of the body or connects two cavities. [2 definitions]