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flaccid without firmness; soft; flabby.
flack a press agent or other person employed to speak on one's behalf.
flacon a small, stoppered flask or bottle.
flag1 a piece of cloth, usu. rectangular or triangular, bearing any of various colors and designs and used for signaling or as the symbol or emblem of a country, organization, or the like; banner; pennant. [3 definitions]
flag2 any of a variety of plants characterized by long, flat, pointed leaves, such as the iris, blue flag, or cattail.
flag3 to lose energy, strength, or interest. [2 definitions]
flag4 a type of broad, flat stone used for covering surfaces such as a patio; flagstone. [2 definitions]
Flag Day June 14, a day commemorating the adoption of the Stars and Stripes as the official flag of the United States.
flagellant one who scourges himself or herself as a means of religious discipline or penance. [2 definitions]
flagellate to strike with or as if with a whip; flog. [4 definitions]
flagellum a whiplike filament extending from certain simple cells, such as reproductive cells or single-celled animals, used mainly for locomotion. [3 definitions]
flageolet a small vertical flute with a fipple, four finger holes, and two thumb holes. [2 definitions]
flagging1 diminishing or drooping, as energy or spirits; weakening.
flagging2 an area paved with flagstones, or the material used for the paving.
flagitious viciously or shamefully wicked; infamous.
flagman one who signals with a flag or light, as on a railroad.
flag of convenience the flag belonging to a foreign nation in which a vessel is registered for the financial convenience of the ship's owner.
flag officer a naval or coast guard officer above the rank of captain, who is entitled to have a special flag displayed when he or she is aboard ship.
flag of truce a white flag displayed to an enemy to indicate a desire to talk together or surrender.
flagon a vessel for serving liquids that has a handle, a spout, and often a top or hinged lid. [2 definitions]
flagpole a pole designed to hold a flag or flags for display; flagstaff.