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flatten to make flat. [3 definitions]
flatter1 to please with compliments. [4 definitions]
flatter2 one that makes something flat. [3 definitions]
flattering making one feel proud or pleased with oneself because of the compliment of another or because of something considered complimentary. [2 definitions]
flattery the act or practice of flattering. [2 definitions]
flat tire a tire that has become deflated through leakage, puncture, or the like.
flattish somewhat flat.
flattop (informal) an aircraft carrier. [2 definitions]
flatulent tending to generate gas in the digestive tract. [3 definitions]
flatus gas formed in the intestinal tract that may be expelled through the anus.
flatware relatively flat tableware, such as plates and saucers. [2 definitions]
flatwork laundry that can be pressed in a mangle, such as sheets or tablecloths.
flatworm any of various worms, such as tapeworms, that are bilaterally symmetrical and have soft, unsegmented, usu. flattened bodies.
flaunt to display ostentatiously; show off. [3 definitions]
flautist one who plays the flute; flutist.
flavin a compound that is the source of various yellow pigments found in plant and animal tissues. [2 definitions]
flavone a colorless, sometimes crystalline compound, found in plants or produced synthetically, from which a number of derivatives are obtained that are used in yellow dyes. [2 definitions]
flavor the quality perceived by the sense of taste. [4 definitions]
flavorful rich in flavor; savory; tasty.
flavoring a substance that imparts a distinct flavor.
flavorless combined form of flavor.