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fleshy having an abundance of flesh or fat. [2 definitions]
fleur-de-lis an iris. [2 definitions]
flew a past tense of fly1.
flex to bend, often repeatedly. [3 definitions]
flex-fuel of a vehicle, capable of using more than one type of fuel, typically gasoline and ethanol.
flexibility the capability of bending easily, or being bent easily, and not breaking.
flexible easily bent or able to bend without breaking; pliable. [3 definitions]
flexion the act of contracting the flexor muscles, or the condition of having these muscles contracted; flexing; bending.
flexitime variant of flextime.
flexor a muscle that flexes or bends a limb or other body part.
flextime an arrangement by which workers have some freedom to choose their own work hours.
flexuous having many curves or bends; sinuous.
flexure the act or an instance of bending. [3 definitions]
flibbertigibbet a foolish, flighty, or talkative person.
flick a sharp, light blow or stroke, as with a finger, brush, whip, or the like. [6 definitions]
flicker1 to burn or cast light in an unsteady, jerky manner. [5 definitions]
flicker2 a large North American woodpecker having yellowish or reddish linings under the wings and tail.
flied a past tense and part participle of fly.
flier something or someone that flies, esp. a pilot or airplane passenger. [4 definitions]
flight1 an act of passing through air or space by flying. [6 definitions]
flight2 an act or instance of fleeing.