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fluke3 any of several flatfishes or flounderlike fishes.
fluky (informal) resulting from chance; accidental or lucky. [2 definitions]
flume a narrow gorge or ravine through which a stream flows. [3 definitions]
flummery any of several soft, thick, bland foods, such as boiled oatmeal or custard. [2 definitions]
flummox (informal) to confuse or puzzle.
flung past tense and part participle of fling.
flunk (informal) to be unsuccessful; fail, as a student in an examination or course. [3 definitions]
flunk out (informal) to be dismissed from a school because of failing grades.
flunky one who does unskilled, menial, or trivial tasks. [3 definitions]
fluor calcium fluoride; fluorite. [2 definitions]
fluoresce to exhibit, produce, or undergo radiation, esp. to emit visible light during or after exposure to radiation.
fluorescence the giving off of electromagnetic radiation, esp. in the form of visible light, during or after exposure to radiation from another source such as ultraviolet light or x-rays. [2 definitions]
fluorescent able to react to external radiation by emitting electromagnetic radiation, usu. in the form of visible light.
fluorescent lamp a glass tube with a fluorescent coating on the inside that gives off light when the mercury vapor in the tube is bombarded with a stream of electrons.
fluoridate to add a fluoride to (a water supply) in order to decrease or prevent tooth decay.
fluoridation the introduction of controlled amounts of a fluoride into a public water supply as a preventative of tooth decay.
fluoride a chemical compound that contains fluorine as one of its elements.
fluorinate to treat, combine, or inject with fluorine. [2 definitions]
fluorine an extremely reactive chemical element of the halogen group that has nine protons in each nucleus and that occurs naturally only in compounds such as fluoride salts, but that can be isolated in pure form as a yellowish, highly toxic gas. (symbol: F)
fluorite a transparent, crystalline, and variously colored mineral that is the chief source of fluorine; calcium fluoride.
fluoro- fluorine. [2 definitions]