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fluorinate to treat, combine, or inject with fluorine. [2 definitions]
fluorine an extremely reactive chemical element of the halogen group that has nine protons in each nucleus and that occurs naturally only in compounds such as fluoride salts, but that can be isolated in pure form as a yellowish, highly toxic gas. (symbol: F)
fluorite a transparent, crystalline, and variously colored mineral that is the chief source of fluorine; calcium fluoride.
fluoro- fluorine. [2 definitions]
fluorocarbon any of various organic chemical compounds resulting from the substitution of fluorine for hydrogen in a hydrocarbon, used in refrigeration, lubrication, plastic and resin manufacture, as a fire extinguisher, and formerly as the propellant in aerosol cans.
fluorometer a device used to detect and measure the wavelength and intensity of fluorescence.
fluoroscope a fluorescent screen used with x-rays or other radiation for viewing the internal structure of opaque objects such as the human body.
fluoroscopy examination by means of a fluoroscope.
fluorosis an abnormal condition, such as mottling of teeth, caused by excess intake of fluoride compounds.
fluorspar see fluorite.
flurry a light snowfall that lasts only a short time. [4 definitions]
flush1 a brief but heavy gush or flow, esp. of water. [10 definitions]
flush2 full, plentiful, or plentifully supplied, as with money. [6 definitions]
flush3 to frighten from cover or cause to start up or take flight. [3 definitions]
flush4 a hand or set of playing cards all of the same suit, of special value in certain card games.
fluster to cause to be or to become nervous, confused, or agitated. [2 definitions]
flute a high-pitched musical instrument of the woodwind family, consisting of a long slender tube of wood or metal with finger holes or keys along it, that is played by blowing into a mouthpiece at one end or across a hole near one end. [8 definitions]
fluting a decorative pattern of long, rounded, parallel grooves, as on columns or some glassware. [3 definitions]
flutist a person who plays the flute, esp. professionally.
flutter to move swiftly back and forth or up and down in a jerky or irregular manner; flap. [9 definitions]
flutter kick a swimming kick in which the legs are extended horizontally and moved rapidly up and down without bending the knees.