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folate a water-soluble B vitamin, found in leafy green vegetables, nuts, and legumes, that is essential for the production of blood cells, amino acids, and nucleic acids; also known as folacin, folic acid, and vitamin B9.
-fold multiplied by; times. [2 definitions]
fold1 to bend over upon itself so that one section lies on or against another section. [16 definitions]
fold2 a fenced or walled enclosure where sheep or other domestic animals are kept. [4 definitions]
foldaway folding to a compact size for easy storage when not in use, as a cot, light table, or chair.
folder a piece of thick paper or lightweight cardboard folded at the center and used as a cover or container for papers, letters, or the like. [4 definitions]
folderol foolish speech or notions; nonsense. [2 definitions]
folding door a door that can be folded open against itself, by means of hinged or pleated sections, instead of swinging open.
foliaceous of, pertaining to, or like a plant leaf. [3 definitions]
foliage leaves, as of a tree or other plant. [3 definitions]
foliate having or covered with leaves; leafy. [9 definitions]
foliation the act or process of producing foliage or foil. [6 definitions]
folic acid folacin.
folio a large sheet of paper that has been folded once to form two leaves or four pages of a book or manuscript. [6 definitions]
folk (used with a pl. verb) (often pl.) a specific group of people, distinguished by common nationality, background, or style of life. [6 definitions]
folk dance a dance or type of dance originated, performed, and handed down by the common folk of a region or country. [2 definitions]
folk dancing the activity of dancing to the traditional music of a particular region using steps that have been established by custom.
folk etymology a change made in a word or phrase according to a false notion as to its origin or derivation.
folklore the legends, traditions, customs, beliefs, and the like, of a racial, geographical, or national group, handed down through the generations. [3 definitions]
folk medicine the treatment of illness by people without formal medical training, based on common sense, tradition, or superstition, and often using herbs and other natural remedies.
folk music music originated, handed down, and played or sung by the common folk of a region or country, often fairly simple and repetitive in structure. [2 definitions]