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folk dance a dance or type of dance originated, performed, and handed down by the common folk of a region or country. [2 definitions]
folk dancing the activity of dancing to the traditional music of a particular region using steps that have been established by custom.
folk etymology a change made in a word or phrase according to a false notion as to its origin or derivation.
folklore the legends, traditions, customs, beliefs, and the like, of a racial, geographical, or national group, handed down through the generations. [3 definitions]
folk medicine the treatment of illness by people without formal medical training, based on common sense, tradition, or superstition, and often using herbs and other natural remedies.
folk music music originated, handed down, and played or sung by the common folk of a region or country, often fairly simple and repetitive in structure. [2 definitions]
folk-rock popular music that combines characteristic elements of folk music and rock-'n'-roll, often using lyrics similar to the former, with rhythm from the latter, as in songs of social protest.
folks (informal) parents or family members. [2 definitions]
folk singer someone who sings folk music, esp. professionally.
folk song a piece of vocal folk music. [2 definitions]
folksy casually sociable; informal; neighborly; unceremonious.
folk tale a story of anonymous authorship, passed on orally by the common people of a region or country, and often incorporating the myths and legends of that people, or including a moral.
folkway (often pl.) a pattern of life or mode of thought or action shared by a people as part of their traditional culture.
follicle a small cavity or sac with a narrow mouth, such as that surrounding the root of each hair. [3 definitions]
follow to come or go after or behind. [15 definitions]
follower a student, disciple, or adherent of the teachings or ideas of another. [4 definitions]
following a group of followers, supporters, or adherents. [5 definitions]
follow in someone's footsteps to pursue a course of action very similar to that of someone else.
follow in the footsteps of to follow after, in succession or imitation.
follow one's nose to move or act according to instinct.
follow-through the act or process of carrying on with an activity or project, esp. to completion. [2 definitions]