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foot-and-mouth disease a severe, very contagious disease of animals such as sheep and cattle, characterized by fever and blisters in the mouth and around the feet or hooves, the teats, and the udder; hoof-and-mouth disease.
football a North American game played by two opposing teams on a rectangular field, in which players pass or carry a ball in an effort to transport it to one end of the playing area and thus score points. [4 definitions]
footboard a board or small raised platform on which a foot or both feet can be supported in a slightly raised position; footrest. [2 definitions]
foot brake any brake requiring pressure of the foot, as in an automobile and on some bicycles.
footbridge a bridge for pedestrians only.
foot-candle a unit of illumination equal to that produced by one candela at a distance of one foot, or to one lumen per square foot.
foot-dragging deliberate slowness in taking requested action or in making a necessary decision.
footed equipped with a foot or feet. [2 definitions]
-footer someone or something (so many) feet tall, long, or the like.
footer the enlarged foundation work of a building, wall, or the like, used to spread the weight; footing. [2 definitions]
footfall a footstep, esp. the sound of one.
foot fault in tennis, a violation caused if both feet are not behind the base line when one is serving.
footgear shoes, boots, or the like.
foothill a low hill at the foot of a mountain or range of mountains.
foothold a place just large enough to stand or tread on safely, as in mountain climbing. [2 definitions]
footing a foundation or firm basis on which one can stand, build, or develop. [4 definitions]
foot it to go somewhere by walking.
footless combined form of foot.
footlight (usu. pl.) the row of lights at the front of a stage near floor level. [2 definitions]
footlocker a small trunk used to store clothing and personal belongings, as of a soldier, and often kept at the foot of one's bed.
footloose free to come and go as one pleases; not bound by any commitments or responsibilities.