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forehead the part of the human face above the eyes and below the typical hairline; brow. [2 definitions]
foreign in, from, characteristic of, or involving a country that is not one's own. [4 definitions]
foreign-born born in a country other than the one in which one resides; nonnative.
foreigner a person born who is born in or comes from a foreign country.
foreign exchange international monetary transaction, as between governments or businesses of different countries. [2 definitions]
foreign minister a cabinet member who supervises and conducts foreign affairs.
foreign office in some nations, the government department officially concerned with foreign policy.
foreknow to know before the existence or occurrence of.
foreknowledge knowledge or awareness of something before it occurs or exists; prescience.
foreland a part of the land that juts out into the water; promontory; cape.
foreleg one of the two front legs of an animal with four or more legs.
forelimb one of the front appendages of an animal with four limbs, such as a leg or flipper.
forelock1 a lock or tuft of hair that grows on or above the forehead, esp. on a horse.
forelock2 a pin fitted or driven through an opening to hold two parts together; linchpin. [2 definitions]
foreman the supervisor of a group of workers, as in a factory or shop. [2 definitions]
foremast the foreward mast on a vessel having two or more masts.
foremost first in time, place, or esp. rank. [2 definitions]
forenamed mentioned or named before; aforementioned.
forenoon the part of the day before noon; morning.
forensic pertaining to or used in legal proceedings. [5 definitions]
forensic medicine the application of expert medical knowledge to questions of law.