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four-four time a musical meter having four quarter notes or their equivalent in each measure.
four-handed having four hands; quadrumanous. [3 definitions]
Four-H club an organization in the U.S. that teaches young people about farming and how to take care of a home. Four-H clubs are so named because they are meant to improve the heads, hearts, hands, and health of their members.
four-in-hand a necktie knotted in a slipknot, with the ends dangling and overlapping in front. [3 definitions]
four-leaf clover a clover with four leaflets, regarded as a sign of good luck.
four-letter word any of several short English words that are considered offensive or obscene.
four-o'clock any of several common flowering garden plants that bear tubular varicolored blooms that open late in the day.
fourposter a bed that has four tall corner posts, which may be used to support bed curtains or a canopy.
fourscore being three times twenty in number; eighty.
foursome a match between two pairs of partners, as in golf or bridge, or the participants therein. [2 definitions]
foursquare having four equal sides that meet in four right angles; square. [4 definitions]
four-star describing a general or admiral whose insignia carries four stars. [2 definitions]
fourteen the number represented by the Arabic numeral 14 and by the Roman numeral XIV. [3 definitions]
Fourteen Points the provisions of U.S. President Woodrow Wilson's proposed plan for peace in Europe after World War I, first enumerated in a speech to the U.S. Congress in 1918. The 1919 Treaty of Versailles, which officially ended the war, ultimately included only four of the Fourteen Points, including the creation of a League of Nations.
fourteenth indicating rank or position between thirteenth and fifteenth. [3 definitions]
fourth indicating rank or position between third and fifth. [4 definitions]
fourth-class of or relating to a class next below the third, as for mailing, shipping, or the like. [2 definitions]
fourth dimension the dimension of time, required according to the theory of relativity to completely specify an event in space-time.
fourth estate the news media of a country, considered as an entity with political power.
Fourth of July in the United States, Independence Day.
fourth world (often cap.) the countries of the world that are poorest in resources and capital and have the most poorly educated population; least developed countries.