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free verse poetry in which there are no regular rhymes, stanzaic forms, or metrical patterns.
freeware software given away at no charge by its author but remaining under the author's copyright.
freeway a highway with limited access and no tolls; expressway.
free weights strength-building weights, such as barbells and dumbbells, that a person lifts directly rather than by means of an exercise machine that incorporates them.
freewheel a device in the rear hub of a bicycle that lets the rear wheel continue turning after the pedals are stopped. [4 definitions]
freewheeling pertaining to, working like, or equipped with a device that disengages the driving mechanism, as on the rear wheel of a bicycle or in the clutch of an automobile. [2 definitions]
freewill done by one's own will; voluntary. [2 definitions]
free will the ability to choose or decide voluntarily. [2 definitions]
free world the parts of the world governed by democratic and capitalistic or socialistic systems rather than by communistic or despotic ones.
freeze to become hardened into ice or a solid form through loss of heat. [17 definitions]
freeze-dry to preserve (foods, blood plasma, or the like) by rapid freezing and then drying in a high vacuum at a low temperature.
freeze frame a technique in which a single frame of film is repeated a number of times to create the illusion that the action has been stopped or frozen, as to resemble a still photograph.
freezer a thing that freezes, esp. an appliance that freezes food for storage.
freezing at or near the temperature at which water turns to ice. [2 definitions]
freezing point the temperature at which a given liquid freezes.
free zone a port or area of a city in which goods may be stored and reshipped to another country without customs duties.
freight goods or cargo shipped by commercial transport, or the fee charged for such shipping. [6 definitions]
freightage the price for commercial transport of goods. [2 definitions]
freight car a railroad car that carries cargo.
freighter a ship for transporting goods. [2 definitions]
freight train a railroad train made up of freight cars.