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fringe an ornamental edging of hanging threads, yarn, strips of leather or the like, as on clothing or drapes. [5 definitions]
fringe benefit a benefit, such as health insurance or a pension, given to an employee in addition to wages or salary.
fringed gentian a plant found in the northern United States and Canada, bearing blue flowers with fringed petals.
fringed polygala a perennial plant found in eastern North America, bearing reddish purple flowers with a fringed lower lip.
fringe tree a small tree of the olive family, found in the southern United States, that bears drooping clusters of white flowers.
frippery ostentation in dress or manner, or an instance of such ostentation. [2 definitions]
Frisbee trademark for a thin, saucer-shaped plastic disk that is thrown and sails through the air in simple outdoor games.
Frisco (informal) San Francisco.
frisť a thick upholstery or rug fabric having a pile of uncut loops or a patterned combination of cut and uncut loops.
frisk to leap or skip in a lively and happy manner; frolic (often fol. by "about"). [3 definitions]
frisky lively and playful.
frisson an intense sensation of excitement or fear that comes on suddenly; thrill.
frit in ceramics and glassmaking, any of several partly fused mixtures used in making porcelain, glazes, and the like. [2 definitions]
frit fly any of several small flies whose larvae are destructive to grain.
frith a firth.
fritillary any of a number of perennial bulbous plants of the lily family that have bell-shaped flowers. [2 definitions]
frittata an omelet in which the eggs are mixed with vegetables, meat, or other ingredients before cooking.
fritter1 to waste or squander by degrees (usu. fol. by "away"). [3 definitions]
fritter2 a piece of fried dough, often containing bits of fruit, vegetables, meat, or fish, and shaped into a small cake.
frivolity the quality or condition of being frivolous. [2 definitions]
frivolous unworthy of serious consideration or merit; trivial or silly. [2 definitions]