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frustrating causing distress and impatience by being persistently difficult.
frustration the act of frustrating, or the thing that frustrates. [2 definitions]
frustum the bottom part of a cone that remains after the top portion is cut off with a plane parallel to the base. [2 definitions]
frwy. abbreviation of "freeway," a highway with limited access and no tolls; expressway.
fry1 to cook in hot butter, oil, or other fat. [7 definitions]
fry2 very young fish. [3 definitions]
fryer one that fries, esp. a pan for frying food in deep fat. [2 definitions]
frying pan a shallow pan with a long handle, used for frying food.
f-stop for a camera lens, an aperture setting corresponding to an f-number. [2 definitions]
Ft. abbreviation of "Fort" (used in a proper name).
ft. abbreviation of "foot," or "feet," a unit of length equal to twelve inches or 30.48 centimeters.
FTC abbreviation of "Federal Trade Commission," a U.S. agency whose duty is to investigate and prosecute illegal interstate trade practices such as false advertising and price-fixing.
ft-lb abbreviation of "foot-pound," or "foot-pounds," a unit of energy equal to the amount necessary to raise a weight of one pound to a height of one foot.
fuchsia any of various related drooping plants that bear bright-colored flowers, usu. in shades of purple, pink, and red, often used in hanging displays. [2 definitions]
fuchsin a purplish red dye.
fuck (vulgar) to have sexual intercourse with. [9 definitions]
fuck around (vulgar slang) to act idly or foolishly. [3 definitions]
fucker (vulgar slang) a despised person. [3 definitions]
fucking (vulgar slang) to a very great degree; extremely (often used angrily or insultingly). [3 definitions]
fuck over (vulgar slang) to treat (someone) in a very unfair, harsh, or underhanded manner.
fuckup (vulgar slang) one who performs incompetently, esp. habitually. [2 definitions]