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gage3 any of several types of plum, usu. having a light green skin.
gaggle a flock of geese when not in the air. [2 definitions]
gagman a person who writes comic material, such as jokes, gags, and skits, for entertainers.
gag rule a rule or law that restricts discussion of a particular topic, as in a legislative body.
Gaia hypothesis a scientific hypothesis that the entire earth, including its atmosphere, is a self-regulating organism.
gaiety a feeling or air of happiness or cheer. [3 definitions]
gaily in a cheerful or merry manner. [2 definitions]
gain to acquire. [9 definitions]
gainer one that gains. [2 definitions]
gainful producing profit or gain; lucrative.
gain ground to advance or gain acceptance.
gainsay to deny or contradict. [2 definitions]
'gainst contracted form of "against."
gait a manner of walking or running. [3 definitions]
gaiter a covering of leather or heavy cloth for the ankle and often the lower leg. [3 definitions]
gal (informal) a girl or woman.
gal. abbreviation of "gallon" or "gallons."
gala suited to a festive celebration. [2 definitions]
galactic of or pertaining to a galaxy, esp. the Milky Way. [2 definitions]
galactic noise radio waves originating from within the Milky Way.
galactorrhea the abnormal or excessive flow of milk from a breast.