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galliot variant of galiot.
gallipot a small glazed jar formerly used by druggists for medicines or the like.
gallium a silvery metal chemical element that has thirty-one protons in each nucleus, usu. forms a trivalent ion, and is often used in pure form in high-temperature thermometers because it melts at just above room temperature and remains liquid up to 1983 degrees Celsius. (symbol: Ga)
gallivant to roam about seeking amusement; gad.
gall midge any of several small, two-winged insects that form galls on plants; gall gnat.
gall mite any of various four-legged mites that form galls on plants.
gallnut a gall that resembles a nut, esp. as found on an oak tree; nutgall.
gallon in the US, a unit of capacity equal to four quarts, eight pints, or 3.7854 liters. (abbr.: gal.) [3 definitions]
gallonage amount or capacity measured in gallons.
galloon a braid or trimming made of lace, metallic thread, or worsted.
gallop to ride a horse at full speed. [6 definitions]
gallows a wooden frame from which one or more nooses are suspended for the execution by hanging of condemned prisoners. [3 definitions]
gallows bird (informal) one who deserves to be put to death by hanging.
gallows humor morbidly humorous treatment of a serious or frightening situation.
gallstone a small stonelike concretion abnormally formed in the gall bladder or a bile passage.
galluses (informal) a pair of suspenders.
gall wasp any of various wasps whose larvae form galls on plants, esp. roses and oaks.
galop a lively nineteenth-century dance in two-four time. [2 definitions]
galore in great numbers; abundantly.
galosh (usu. pl.) a high-topped waterproof overshoe.
galvanic causing or caused by electricity, esp. when produced chemically. [2 definitions]