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gamopetalous having fused or partly fused petals that form a tubelike corolla, such as that of the morning-glory.
gamophyllous having leaves that are united along their edges.
-gamous having (such) a number of spouses or type of marriage. [2 definitions]
gamut the whole extent or range of anything. [2 definitions]
-gamy marriage, or union for propagation. [2 definitions]
gamy having the strong taste or smell characteristic of the meat of wild animals, esp. of meat that has started to spoil. [2 definitions]
gander the male of any variety of goose. (Cf. goose.)
Gandhiism the social and political theories and practices of Gandhi, esp. those of nonviolent resistance.
Ganesh Hindu god of wisdom and remover of obstacles, represented as a short, fat man with an elephant's head.
Ganesha alternate spelling of Ganesh.
gang1 any group of people, such as those who associate for social or criminal purposes. [3 definitions]
gang2 the valueless minerals, rocks, or the like found mixed with valuable ore; gangue.
Ganges a river that flows eastward across northern India and central Bangladesh and into the Indian Ocean.
Ganges River a river that flows eastward across northern India and central Bangladesh and into the Indian Ocean; Ganges.
gang hook a fishhook consisting of several hooks that are joined at their shanks.
gangland the criminal world.
ganglion any concentrated mass of nerve cells outside the brain or spine, serving as the source of nerve impulses. [2 definitions]
gangly tall, slender, and awkward; gangling.
gangplank a board or other movable walkway used for getting on or off a ship; gangway.
gangrene death or rotting of a part of a living organism caused by faulty circulation, disease, or injury. [2 definitions]
gangrenous of or pertaining to tissue in a living body that is dead or decaying due to impaired blood flow.