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gentian any of a large variety of European and American plants that bear colorful, usu. blue or yellow flowers. [2 definitions]
gentile (sometimes cap.) a person who is not Jewish, esp. a Christian. [4 definitions]
gentility the quality or state of one who is genteel; refinement of manners and behavior. [2 definitions]
gentle without harshness, aggressiveness, or violence. [7 definitions]
gentlefolk people of good family and breeding, usu. of high social standing.
gentleman a courteous and honorable man. [4 definitions]
gentleman-farmer a wealthy man who farms for pleasure rather than for income.
gentlemanly like, characteristic of, or befitting a gentleman; well-mannered.
gentlemen's agreement an unwritten agreement that is binding through the parties' pledge of honor but not enforceable by law. [2 definitions]
gentlewoman a courteous and honorable woman. [3 definitions]
gently softly or mildly; not harshly.
gentrification the process by which buildings in decaying neighborhoods are bought and renovated by relatively wealthy people, thus causing the displacement and sometimes homelessness of poor people.
gentrify to restore or upgrade (a deteriorated neighborhood) by renovation of existing homes and the like, usu. resulting in the displacement of poor residents by more affluent ones.
gentry people who come from families of high social standing. [2 definitions]
genuflect to bend the knee so as to worship or show reverence. [2 definitions]
genuine true to what is claimed or believed about a thing; authentic. [2 definitions]
genus one of the categories used in classifying living organisms, larger than a species but smaller than a family. [2 definitions]
-geny origin; production; generation.
geo- earth.
geocentric of, concerning, or measured from the center of the earth. [2 definitions]
geochemical of, pertaining to, or involving geochemistry.