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George Bernard Shaw an Irish-born British playwright and critic (b.1856--d.1950).
George Foreman U.S. heavyweight boxer who twice won the World Heavyweight Championship (b. 1949).
George Herman Ruth see "Babe Ruth."
George Orwell an English author; Eric Blair (b.1903--d.1950).
Georgetown the capital of Guyana.
georgette a sheer fabric of silk or rayon crepe with a dull, slightly crinkled surface.
George Washington the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army in the U.S. War of Independence and the first President of the United States (1789-1797). During his presidency, Washington focused on bringing a spirit of unity to the newly formed nation, creating a new capital, and expanding U.S. territory westward (b.1732--d.1799).
Georgia a Near Eastern country between Turkey and Russia; formerly a republic of the Soviet Union. [2 definitions]
Georgian of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the period of British history from the reign of George I through that of George IV, or the style, as of architecture, of that period. [6 definitions]
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel a German philosopher (b.1770--d.1831).
geostatic of or pertaining to the pressure that surface rock exerts. [2 definitions]
geostationary of or pertaining to a satellite or spacecraft that travels around the earth's equator at a speed equal to the earth's rotation so as to maintain a constant relation to points on the earth's surface.
geotaxis the movement of a freely moving organism toward or against gravitational pull.
geothermal of or concerning the heat produced internally by the earth.
geothermal energy heat energy produced in the interior of the earth, or energy derived from earth's heat.
geotropism movement or growth of a living organism in response to gravity, such as the downward growth of plant roots.
gephyrophobia an abnormal fear of crossing bridges.
ger. abbreviation of "gerund," in English, a form derived from a verb by the addition of the suffix "-ing" that functions as a noun.
geranium any of various garden plants that have roundish divided leaves and bear showy clusters of red, pink, or white blossoms.
gerbil any of a variety of small African and Asian burrowing rodents often kept as pets.
gerfalcon variant of gyrfalcon.