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give off to release into the air; emit.
give one's eyeteeth to give one's most valued possession, as for something that one greatly desires.
give out to distribute (something), usually by hand. [3 definitions]
give rise to to lead to; cause.
give (someone) a break to refrain from giving (someone) a punishment or negative consequence, although such punishment or consequence would normally be expected. [3 definitions]
give (someone) a buzz (informal) to telephone (someone).
give someone a hand to help (someone) with a particular task.
give (someone) a ring (informal) to telephone (someone).
give someone the finger (slang) to express anger or contempt by extending the middle finger upward.
give someone the slip to elude; escape.
give the gate to reject.
give up to stop (an activity), often reluctantly. [4 definitions]
give up the ghost to lose one's life; die.
give way to withdraw. [3 definitions]
gizmo (informal) something nameless or whose name is forgotten, esp. a mechanical gadget or part; thingamajig.
gizzard an enlarged, muscular portion of the digestive tract of birds in which partially digested food is finely ground with the aid of abrasive particles. [2 definitions]
glabrous having no hair or fuzz; bald; smooth.
glacÚ having a glazed, frosted, or glossy surface; candied or iced. [2 definitions]
glacial of, concerning, coming from, or marked by the presence of glaciers or other large ice masses. [5 definitions]
glacial epoch see "ice age."
glaciate to envelop or cover with ice or glaciers; freeze. [3 definitions]