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glacier a very large accumulation of ice formed in cold regions from compacted snow and moving very slowly outward or downward on a slope.
glaciology the scientific study of the nature, formation, and movements of glaciers. [2 definitions]
glacis a gradual slope or incline.
glad happy or delighted, often with a sense of relief or fulfilled hope; pleased. [3 definitions]
gladden to cause to be glad.
glade a clearing in a forest.
glad hand (informal) a hearty but often insincere or hypocritical welcome, greeting, reception, or the like.
glad-hand (informal) to greet in a hearty but insincere manner.
gladiator a man in ancient Rome who fought, often to the death and usu. under compulsion, for the amusement of an audience. [3 definitions]
gladiola gladiolus.
gladiolus any of numerous plants of the iris family that have colorful flowers growing on long, erect stems, or a flower or a stem of flowers from such a plant.
gladsome inducing happiness or gladness. [2 definitions]
Gladstone bag a hinged piece of luggage that opens flat to two compartments of equal size.
glair the raw white of an egg used in glazing or sizing, or a similar viscous substance.
glamorize to cause to be glamorous. [2 definitions]
glamorous full of or characterized by fascination, allure, or excitement.
glamour a quality of excitement, desirability, and compelling attractiveness in one's appearance or manner.
glamourless combined form of glamour.
glance to look quickly. [6 definitions]
gland any of various organs or cells that produce secretions in a living organism. [2 definitions]
glanders (used with a sing. verb) a contagious disease of horses, mules, and the like that is communicable to humans and is characterized by a mucous discharge from the nostrils and ulcers or swellings in the respiratory tract and lymph nodes.